The Sea is All Around Us, 2015

The sea is all around us is a project that will take place at the Mission to Seafarers in Melbourne at 717 Flinders Street (37 º 49’21” S 144º 57’03”E). The project will occupy the Dome Gallery for 2 weeks 11-21 May 2015 with an installation which  invites seafarers and gallery visitors to participate in a project which traces the global circulation of seafarers and seafaring souvenirs. A chalk drawn compass on the circular floor of the Dome Gallery at The Mission to Seafarers Victoria in Flinders Street, Melbourne, will mark the intersection of its latitude and longitude (37 º 49’21” S 144º 57’03”E). Over these two weeks the Dome Gallery will be inscribed with marks mapping the multifarious journeys made by seafarers, recording destination and departure ports, homelands and waterways, and in doing so will make visible a small segment of the global patterns of seafaring.

Custom-made souvenirs designed for the installation are gifted to seafarers as gestures of welcome and receptacles for future memories. and seafarers will be invited to these souvenir gifts will be traced once it leaves the gallery and invites seafarers and visitors to track the souvenir’s journey.  QR code technology will be used to trace the ongoing journey of  souvenir enamel mugs, postcards and catalogues. Each souvenir is printed with a QR code which invites  its recipient to scan the code using a smart phone or tablet app from as many locations during its ongoing journey. The project aims to better understand how souvenirs act as symbols of place, how they provide a gesture of welcome to visitors and also how they become reminders of places visited. While it is easy to identify where souvenirs were collected, it is harder to trace where they end up . The dispersal of souvenirs from Melbourne will be able to be mapped and recorded on this website.

Project starts 11 May 2015

WHERE: 37 º 49’21” S 144º 57’03”E
Dome Gallery, The Mission to Seafarers Victoria
717 Flinders Street, Docklands,
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 3008

WHEN: 11 ­— 21 May 2015, 11.00am — 4.00pm daily