Tourism Telemetry

Tourism Telemetry explores the humble souvenir as a form of telemetry – transmitting distant receptions into the stations of everyday life. The Tourism Telemetry project uses the concept of telemetry to understand how souvenirs as portable artefacts have the capacity to carry and send messages about places, remotely. Telemetry is used in science to measure and send data through transmitters back to distant monitoring stations. It is used for example to track the movements of wildlife that have been tagged with radio transmitters, or to transmit meteorological data from weather balloons to weather stations. Extending the notion of telemetry to souvenirs allows us to understand their potential as transmitters of information about destinations and places. Purchased at a distance and then sent as gifts to others or carried home, souvenirs transmit representations and myths about places to their receiving ‘stations’ in the domestic settings of everyday life.