Happy New Year cup #27!

The first cup scan for this New Year has come from cup #27 from the PAN EIDELWEISS  in the Hong Kong Anchorage. Happy New year to you cup #27 and all seafarers for a safe and healthy year ahead. Today I made a local sea voyage to the mouth of the River Derwent in Hobart Tasmania, to the Iron Pot. I thought of those on the 3 ships who made the long voyages in the 1800s only to to be wrecked on the Iron Pot, 11 nautical miles from their destination. Now the Iron Pot lighthouse guards the entrance to the Derwent, preventing ships from foundering on its rocky shore. Also on this trip as it was calm, we ventured further around Betsy Island and saw a sea eagle and many other birds on this protected island.

IMG_0161 IMG_0171 IMG_0132

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