Seafaring Cartography


The latest mugs have been scanned from Sydney, Singapore and Cochin, with the messages keeping on coming in from seafarers about their journeys. Here are a couple of extracts:

“It was great tho the waves really made their presence felt again.. still the journey we had was remarkable and I hope we can go back to Australia sometime soon before we finish our contract.. a good place.. with good people.. definitely one nation worth remembering ….”

“3 days after departure Geelong, we were experiencing rolling due to strong wind, rough seas but we arrived safe to our destination Singapore. Keep praying to Jesus Christ. Thank u so much for this project. Very Appreciated!”

“Enjoyed nice outing today, Tonga islands are the best”

And even a message from a non-seafaring old friend who received the catalogue in the mail in Switzerland.

“Switzerland does in fact have a merchant navy despite having no coastline! but your catalogue reached me by post with a little enthusiastic help from Mum… Like the stories, cheers…”

For the last few weeks I have been in collaboration with Deanna Duffy a cartographer at Charles Sturt University’s Spatial Data Analysis Network (SPAN). Deanna, another creative collaborator is now interpreting the project from a cartographic perspective. Deanna and I have set up a dialogue which started by me explaining my project and asking whether she could map the journey of the mugs as they are being scanned in. After email conversations back and forth Deanna has produced this map which shows the journey of the mugs to date. She has researched shipping routes and mapped in the destinations the seafarers told me they were going to next. This is a very exciting development for the project, now being able to visualise the journeys of the fleet of mug bearing seafarers.   “Welcome aboard” and thanks Deanna!!

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